Economic Sociology

 Contemporary economic sociologists are interested in the causes and consequences of economic exchanges, the meaning of those exchanges, and the social interactions they facilitate or obstruct. Columbia's sociology department has long been recognized as a leader in this subfield. The department is therefore affiliated with or runs a number of workshops touch on areas of interest to economic sociologists, regularly brings important scholars in the area as visitors and speakers, and is populated by a large number of students and faculty engaged in research that draws on and contributes to the subfield.  
Debbie Becher (Barnard), Tom DiPrete, Gil Eyal, Bruce Kogut (Business), Adam Reich, Saskia Sassen, David Stark, Diane Vaughan, Sudhir Venkatesh, Dan Wang (Business), Josh Whitford 
Fabien Accominotti, Philipp Brandt, Mathijs de Vaan, Pierre-Christian Fink, Magdalena Gil Ureta, Olivia Nicol, Pilar Opazo, Lisa Owens, Iva Petkova, Clement Thery