Globalization and transnationalism research examines how micro-, meso-, and macro-level processes operate, interact, and transform social structures. Doctoral students at the department are encouraged to apply this analytical approach to the discipline’s core questions. Faculty and student research has contributed to the sociological understanding of democratization, financial systems, international migration, urbanization, social movements, sustainable development, imagined communities, multi-cultural education, agro-biotech research, traffic of toxic waste, and nativism. Our findings have not only led to theoretical contributions, but also useful insights for the design and revision of public policies.

New York is a unique platform from which to conduct research in globalization and transnationalism. The department encourages its students to take advantage of the global city, as well as of the Columbia University World Leaders Forum and the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University, a unique interdisciplinary committee co-chaired by sociologist Saskia Sassen and economist and Nobel prize recipient Joseph Stiglitz.

Yinon Cohen, Yao Lu, Saskia Sassen, David Stark, Julien Teitler (Social Work), Van Tran, Dan Wang (Business)
Ifeoma Ajunwa, Abigail Coplin, Natan Dotan, Elyakim Kislev, Junpeng Li, Warren McKinney, Lisa Owens, Melissa Valle