Historical Sociology

Comparative and historical sociology in the department is distinguished by a range of perspectives that attend to questions of broad social and political processes (such as state formation, religion and politics, aspects of culture, law, production of knowledge and expertise) as well as various economic processes and organizational forms that emerge between states, markets and economic communities. The methods in this field are also thought in distinctive ways that bring together historical and network based approaches as well as historical and ethnographic perspectives.

Karen Barkey, Peter Bearman, Gil Eyal, Shamus Khan, Alondra Nelson, David Stark
Fabien Accominotti, José Tomás Atria, Philipp Brandt, Jared Conrad-Bradshaw, Abigail Coplin, Magdalena Gil Ureta,  Ryan Hagen, Tolga Kobas, Kinga Mankovi, Warren McKinney, Rosemary McGunnigle-Gonzales, Beatrice Renault, Alix Rule, Eunkyong Shin, Zoltan Dujisin