José Atria

José Atria
Areas of Interest: 
Sociological Theory, Political Sociology, Formal Research Methods, Mathematical Sociology
Biographical Note: 
José Atria received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Universidad de Chile in 2004. His undergraduate thesis, written under the supervision of professor Omar Aguilar, dealt with the theoretical and methodological problems that the recent transformations of the labor market in Chile presented for traditional class analysis, and an exploration of the possibilities presented by analytical marxism for the analysis of concrete social phenomena.

In his current work, he is interested in the development of analytical sociology for the study of political institutions, action and process, as a fruitful strategy for historical and comparative research. He is also generally interested in mathematical sociology, and in the development of formal models of social phenomena that would facilitate the construction of theoretical frameworks. His work falls within the scope of sociological theory, political sociology, historical and comparative sociology, and organizational studies.

In his dissertation, he intends to study the mechanisms associated with the operation of non-cooperative organizations by looking at the coordination strategies deployed by members of a corruption network, using data from the Mani Pulite investigations in Italy in the early 1990's.

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