Tolga Kobas

Tolga Kobas
Areas of Interest: 
Empires as ‘political systems,’ [S. N. Eisenstadt]; historical forms of Herrschaft (authority/domination), [M. Weber]; sets of socially learnt dispositions, skills and ways of acting (Habitus), [P. Bourdieu]; Ottoman Empire as a historical bureaucratic society; early seventeenth and mid-eighteenth centuries.
Biographical Note: 
Tolga Kobas received his BA and MA degrees from Sabanci University (Istanbul). He is currently a PhD candidate and a Paul F. Lazarsfeld fellow at the department. His work focuses on the changing social and political conditions at the Ottoman center around the seventeenth and mid-eighteenth centuries. At the imperial center, these changing conditions presented themselves in various ways, which also affected different social groups at varying scales and degrees. The processes of transformation and adaptation of these social groups to changing conditions are crucial temporal points in the larger process of early-modern state formation in the Ottoman Empire, which eventually affected the way in which later events/processes unfolded.
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