Yao Lu

Yao Lu

Assistant Professor
+1 212 854 2963
614 Knox
Office Hours: 
By appointment
Areas of Interest: 
Migration and Immigration, Social Stratification, Child Development, Quantitative Methodology

Ph.D., UCLA, 2008

Biographical Note: 

 Lu’s research focuses on how migration and immigration intersects with social and economic processes across diverse contexts. She conducts comparative research using large-scale social surveys and a variety of quantitative methods. Her recent and ongoing projects include the following:

1. Comparative research on the causes and consequences of migration and immigration. This includes both cross-national comparisons, and comparisons between internal migration and international migration. This line of research is funded by NSF, NIH, and the Russell Sage Foundation.

(1) How does migration affect the well-being of children who migrate and who are left behind by their parents, and how does the impact vary by the type of migration and across different sociocultural contexts?

(2) How do patterns of immigrant selection and assimilation and progress of the second generation vary in the U.S. and Canada, and how are the differences explained by immigration and integration policies?

(3) How is the social process of Chinese international migration to the U.S. and Europe conditioned by distinct sending and receiving contexts?

2. Understanding the role of migration in social and political change in migrant-sending areas.

(1) How does the feminization of migration reconfigure gender attitudes and values in migrant-sending communities, and how is this process shaped by cultural context?

(2) How does large-scale outward migration shape collective action and political attitudes in origin communities, and what are the mechanisms accounting for the political consequences of migration?

(3) A related project examines the roles of civic and social groups in the occurrence and outcomes of collective action in non-democratic countries such as China.

3. Linking migration and child development. This strand of research is supported by a NICHD K01 grant.

(1) What are the impacts of migration on the health and development of migrant children and left-behind children, and how do critical factors and contexts mediate and moderate the effects of migration?

(2) What are the new forms of families resulting from migration, and how do they affect child development?

(3) In collaboration with colleagues, Lu is conducting a national survey on internal migration and children in China.


Publications (peer-reviewed)

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V3212                         Statistics for Social Research

V3243                         China Today: Change, Inequalities, and Social Life

G4074/4076                Introductory Social Data Analysis I

G4075/4077                Introductory Social Data Analysis II

G4270                         Social Demography