Zoltan Dujisin

Zoltan Dujisin

Areas of Interest: 
Political Sociology, Sociology of Elites, Sociology of Knowledge, Politics of Memory, Nationalism, Post-Communism, Eastern Europe
Biographical Note: 

Zoltán Dujisin is a PhD candidate and a Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fellow. He has a degree in Political Science from the Technical University of Lisbon (2005), having then obtained an MA in Nationalism Studies from Central European University (2006) in Budapest.

In 2004 he started working as a foreign correspondent for the Portuguese weekly Expresso and the global news agency Inter Press Service (IPS), having been based in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine.

In 2009 he began a PhD in Political Science at the Doctoral School of Public Policy at Central European University. In 2013 he obtained an MPhil in Political Science and transferred to Columbia Sociology, where he was granted advanced standing.

His dissertation attempts to identify the actors, institutions and structural processes that are crystallizing a relatively homogenous, yet pan-European discourse on the memory of communism. He seeks to assess the consequences of this process for both the European Union's prevailing memory regime and for domestic political competition in post-communist countries.

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