Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson

Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson
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609 Knox
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By appointment
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Cultural Sociology, cuisinology

Ph.D., Columbia, 1967

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Priscilla Ferguson's work ranges from analysis of the literary field in France to studies of the post-revolutionary French novel through explorations of an emerging national culture in France over the 19th century. Her books, Literary France: The Making of a Culture (1984) and Paris as Revolution: Reading the 19th-century City (1994), focus on the institutions of French and especially Parisian culture., Accounting for Taste: The triumph of French cuisine (2004), examines the elaboration and institutionalization of cuisine and gastronomy as prime components of French identity. Word of Mouth (2014) adopts a comparative perspective to consider the many texts, from ads to literature, films and television shows, that make food so central , and so chracteristic, a concern in the 21st century.


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