Nathan Dern

Nathan Dern
Graduate Student Representative
Areas of Interest: 
Social Media, Internet Video, Confession, Celebrity and Fame, Performance, Data mining, Documentary Filmmaking, Ethnography


Biographical Note: 

Nate Dern obtained his undergraduate degree from Harvard in 2007, where he studied social anthropology and the study of religion and earned a Spanish language certificate. His senior thesis was based on seven weeks of ethnographic field work at a mosque in Buenos Aires. Nate then attended Cambridge University as a recipient of the Harvard-Cambridge Fellowship, where he obtained an MPhil in Screen Media and Cultures and completed a dissertation which analyzed close readings of confessional video speech acts across three media: internet vlogs, reality television, and personal documentary filmmaking. Before beginning his course of study, Nate worked for several years in New York variously as a video editor, a freelance filmmaker and an adjunct professor of film history. He hopes to continue to pursue documentary filmmaking. In addition to his academic interests, Nate is a resident performer on a house improv comedy team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan.

Cohort Year: