Sandra Veronica Portocarrero

Sandra Veronica Portocarrero
Areas of Interest: 
Organizations, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion
M.A. in Sociology. Columbia University 
B.A.  in Sociology. High Honors. Distinction in General Scholarship. University of California, Berkeley
Biographical Note: 

Sandra Portocarrero is (in the process of becoming) a cultural and organizational sociologist. She is a Provost Diversity Fellow, a Paul Lasarzfeld Fellow, a 2015 PD Soros Fellow, and a 2017 National Science Foundation (NSF) GRFP Fellow. Her research interests include organizations and culture, and how these relate to the perpetuation of inequality. 

Sandra's is currently working on an ethnographic project that investigates the phenomemon of low-income, high-achieving students entering an elite higher education institution in Lima, Peru. She is looking at how high status actors in this elite organization frame diversity and inclusion, and how the cultural and cognitive mechanisms involved in this process affect different levels of organizational life. 

Sandra is affiliated to the Center on Organizational Innovation, led by Professor David Stark. 

Cohort Year: