Political Sociology

Political sociologists concern themselves with questions of power and authority, often with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the state and civil society.  Within that broad rubric, analysts study any number of political phenomena such as the processes of state formation; the institutionalization of local, national, and global political regimes; the historical intersection of politics and the economy; the social structure of political beliefs and action; when and how citizens challenge political institutions; and how political systems change (for better and for worse).

Karen Barkey, Peter Bearman, Deborah Becher (Barnard), Elizabeth Bernstein (Barnard), Gil Eyal, Shamus Khan, Debra Minkoff (Barnard), Alondra Nelson, Adam Reich, Saskia Sassen, David Stark, Bogdan Vasi (SIPA)
Abigail Coplin, Luciana de Souza Leão, Junpeng Li, Jonathan Lin, Warren McKinney, Adam Obeng, Zoltan Dujisin