Race, Ethnicity and Migration

This cluster focuses on racial and ethnic stratification in the United States, the changing meaning of race and ethnicity over time, the experience of immigrant and their children, issues of immigrant incorporation and assimilation into host society, as well as race and intergroup relations. Our faculty conduct reserach on a wide range of historical and geographical context, covering the U.S., Europe, Asia, Isreal, Latin America and beyond. 

Yinon Cohen, Tom DiPrete, Christel Kesler (Barnard), Shamus Khan, Yao Lu, Alondra Nelson, Saskia Sassen, Carla Shedd, Seymour Spilerman, Julien Teitler (Social Work), Van Tran, Sudhir Venkatesh, Dan Wang (Business)
Ifeoma Ajunwa, Bailey Brown, Brittany Fox, James Jones, Elyakim Kislev, Jonathan Lin, Rosemary McGunnigle, Warren McKinney, Erela Portugaly, Dialika Sall, Anthony Ureña, Nicol Valdez, Melissa Valle, Devon Wade