Science, Knowledge & Technology

The Science, Knowledge and Technology cluster gathers social scientists interested in how knowledge is created, distributed, drawn upon, and collectively understood. The workshop brings together diverse theoretical perspective and methodological approaches to social studies of SKAT, such as the sociology of expertise, sociology of professions, actor-network approaches, medical sociology, and science studies.

Peter Bearman, Jonathan R. Cole, Gil Eyal, Bruce Link (Public Health), Alondra Nelson, Jo C. Phelan (Public Health), David Stark, Ion Bogdan Vasi (SIPA), Diane Vaughan
Elif Alp, Adrianna Bagnall, Abigail Coplin, Zoltan Dujisin, Pierre-Christian Fink, Ryan Hagen, Moran Levy, Junpeng Li, Pilar Opazo, Onur Ozgode, Erela Portugaly, Beatrice Renault, Joan Robinson, Saraj Sachs, Ari Waldman, and Daniel Wojtkiewicz