Sociology is the study of associational life. In this sense, sociology is not the study of people; it is the study of relationships among people. Sociologists explore a wide range of human activity: from politics, technologies, and economies, to cities, culture, media, and religion.

As a bridging discipline that seeks the scientific exploration of questions that matter to human communities such as inequality and social injustice, sociology addresses many of the same areas of life as our neighboring social science disciplines. Yet we often approach  these areas quite differently. For example, problems of economic and political life are a central concern to sociologists. But rather than  explore these as independent or particular features of society, we seek to embed them within the complex whole of the social world.

Students will find sociology to be a broad, demanding department that provides its students with the conceptual and methodological tools to make sense of the opportunities and social problems of the global communities in which we live.