Urban Sociology

The study of urban sociology and cities is central to our sociological inquiry at Columbia, given our unique location in New York City and easy access to many global desinations from here.  This cluster focuses on topics such as urban poverty and slums, elites and wealth, inequality in the global city, neighborhood change and gentrification, neighborhood effects, the underground and informal economy, housing and residential mobility, and community life and city politics. Our faculty and graduate students are hard at work to unlock the inner-workings of cities and urban life.

Peter Bearman, Tom DiPrete, Debbie Becher (Barnard), Shamus Khan, Yao Lu, Alondra Nelson, Saskia Sassen, Carla Shedd, David Stark, Van Tran, Sudhir Venkatesh
Bailey Brown, Brittany Fox, James Jones, Elyakim Kislev, Jonathan Lin, Rosemary McGunnigle, Warren McKinney, Dialika Sall, Anthony Ureña, Nicol Valdez, Melissa Valle, Devon Wade