Ph.D. Program Requirements

Ph.D. students must complete a series of required courses and tasks in order to proceed through the program in good standing. (These are in addition to the requirements of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences).


Required Courses for First-year Students

  1. Sociological Theory
  2. Introductory Social Data Analysis (two-semester sequence)
  3. Designs of Social Research

These courses are to be taken for Pass/Fail only.     

First-year students are also required to participate in a weekly, non-credit professionalization seminar or "Prosem".

Additional Required Courses

  1. An advanced theory course 
  2. An advanced methods course 
  3. The M.Phil. Seminar (two-semester sequence)

Four Essential Tasks

  1. Write and submit a grant/fellowship application for a research project
  2. Write a field statement on a topic of choice
  3. Write and submit a paper to be presented at a professional conference
  4. Write and submit a paper to a scholarly journal

The tasks are a requirement for the M.Phil. degree and must be completed by the end of the fourth year.