Sasha Gopalakrishnan

Sasha Gopalakrishnan

Research Interests


Sasha Gopalakrishnan holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a minor in Women’s Studies from Vassar College. Born and raised in Delhi, India, she has experience in journalism, communications, and feminist non-profit work. Her undergraduate thesis on how working-class Dalit women navigate casteist patriarchal structures in India is just one manifestation of her research interests, which broadly include Third World feminism, colonialism and empire, sexual policing, gendered labor and global capitalism, and subaltern studies. Presently, she's interested in examining the relationship that Indian women have to safety and public space, and how that relationship is mediated by heteropatriarchal and nationalist constructions of masculinity and femininity.


BA in International Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies, Vassar College, 2020