Talia Malkin

Talia Malkin

Research Interests


Hi! My name is Talia and I grew up in Los Angeles (been living there since the beginning of the pandemic. For the last 5 or so years I have been working in the advertising industry, most recently at Facebook consulting ad agencies on the most effective strategies on Facebook/Instagram and helping them grow their business. I am incredibly invested in mental health, and understanding what inhibits someone from or encourages someone to seek mental health help. I'm also curious to explore how investment in mental health has changed (specifically for employers) given the pandemic. I was previously living in Chicago enjoying trying many new restaurants, listening to a variety of podcasts, doing some city biking and going to shows and concerts. I have spent a lot of this past year exploring the US via a car, visiting the National Parks in Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona and parts of Texas. I'm so excited to begin this program and learn from everyone in it!


University of Wisconsin, Madison. Studies Strategic Communications (Journalism) and Philosophy.