Andreas Wimmer

Andreas Wimmer

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Andreas Wimmer's research brings a long term historical and globally comparative perspective to the questions of how states are built and nations formed, how individuals draw ethnic and racial boundaries between themselves and others, and which kinds of political conflicts and war results from these processes. Using new methods and data, he continues the old search for historical patterns that repeat across contexts and times. He has pursued this agenda across the disciplinary fields of sociology, political science, and social anthropology and through various styles of inquiry: ethnographic field research (in Mexico and Iraq), comparative historical analysis, quantitative research with cross-national or survey data, network studies, and formal modeling. For more information as well as downloadable articles and datasets see

Selected Publications

Nation Building

Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart.

Andreas Wimmer
Power and pride

“Power and pride: National identity and ethnopolitical inequality around the world”

Andreas Wimmer
Social Forces

"National trauma and the fear of foreigners: How past geopolitical threat heightens anti-immigration sentiment today"

Wesley Hiers
Thomas Soehl
Andreas Wimmer