Ari Galper

Ari Galper

Research Interests


M.A. Sociology, Columbia University (2022)

S.M. Management Research, MIT Sloan School of Management (2020)

B.A. Sociology, Reed College (2014)


Singer, Sara J., Katherine C. Kellogg, Ari B. Galper, Deborah Viola. 2022. “Enhancing the Value to Users of Machine Learning-Based Clinical Decision Support Tools: A Framework for Iterative, Collaborative Development and Implementation.” Health Care Management Review 47(2):21-31. [Paper]

Carney, Patricia A., Erin K. Thayer, Ryan Palmer, Ari B. Galper, M. Patrice Eiff. 2019. “The Benefits of Interprofessional Learning and Teamwork in Primary Care Ambulatory Training Settings.” Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice 15(1):119-126. [Paper]

Taylor, Deborah, Bethany Picker, Donald Woolever, Erin K. Thayer, Ari B. Galper, Patricia A. Carney. 2018. “A Pilot Study to Address Tolerance of Uncertainty Among Family Medicine Residents.” Family Medicine 50(7):531-553. [Paper]

Palmer, Ryan T., Rebecca E. Rdesinski, Ari B. Galper, Rebecca E. Cantone, Julia Shaver, Matt Symkowick, Frances E. Biagioli. 2017. “Assessing the Impact of a Telemedicine Simulation on Clinical Learners.” Journal of Family Medicine and Community Health 4(5):1102-1107. [Paper]

Biagioli, Fran E., Diane L. Elliot, Ryan Palmer, Carla C. Graichen, Rebecca E. Rdesinski, Kaparaboyna A. Kumar, Ari B. Galper, Jim W. Tysinger. 2017. “The Electronic Health Record Objective Structured Clinical Examination: Assessing Student Competency in Patient Interactions While Using the Electronic Health Record.” Academic Medicine 92(1):87-91. [Paper]