Elizabeth Bernstein

Elizabeth Bernstein

Biographical Notes

Elizabeth Bernstein, Professor of Women's Studies and Sociology, joined the faculty of Barnard in September, 2002. Her teaching includes such courses as Gender and Power in Transnational Perspective; The Sociology of Gender; and The Sociology of Sexuality.

Professor Bernstein's research and teaching focus on the sociology of gender and sexuality; the sociology of law; and contemporary social theory. Her current research explores the convergence of feminist, neoliberal, and evangelical Christian interests in the shaping of contemporary U.S. policies around the traffic in women.

Her research and scholarship have been recognized by awards from the Institute for Advanced Study, the National Science Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, AAUW, the Mellon Foundation, and the American Sociological Association.




  • “Redemptive Capitalism and Sexual Investability,” Political Power and Social Theory, Special issue on Perverse Politics guest edited by Ann Orloff, Raka Ray, and Evren Savci, Volume 30: 45-81.



  • Sexual Economies and New Regimes of Governance. Guest editor of special issue of Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State, & Society (22:3).
  • “Sexual Economies and New Regimes of Governance,” Introduction to Special issue of Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State, and Society 22:3, 345-354.



Ph.D., California (Berkeley), 2001