Yinon Cohen

Yinon Cohen


Yinon Cohen's research focuses on international migration, social stratification and labor markets. His recent research has examined the causes for rising inquality in the US.  Cohen is also involved in research on Israeli society on issues of unionization, socioeconomic ethnic and gender gaps, rising inequality, changing immigration and emigration patterns, and the demography of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Recent Publications


  • 2018.  Kristal, Tali, Yinon Cohen, and Edo Navot.  “Benefit Inequality among American Workers by Gender, Race and Ethnicity, 1982-2015.”  Sociological Science 5: 461-488
  • 2018.  Cohen, Yinon and Neve Gordon.  “Israel’s Biospatial Politics: Territory, Demography, and Effective Control.” Public Culture 30 (2): 199-220.
  • 2018.  Lewin Epstein, Noah and Yinon Cohen.  "Ethnic origin and identity in the Jewish population of Israel." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies  DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2018.1492370


  • 2017.  Kristal, Tali, and Yinon Cohen.   "The Causes of Rising Wage Inequality: The Race Between Institutions and Technology."  Socio-Economic Review 15: 187–212.