Bonnie Rogers

Bonnie Rogers


Shifting Parent Participation and Its Effect on Elementary Schools


My research focuses on inequality and education by examining school choice and the marketplace for primary and secondary schools. As an undergraduate, I studied the charter school movement as a social and political movement, identifying that charter schools aim at divergent education reform goals, varying between attempts to improve school quality or equality of opportunity. I spent the years between undergraduate and graduate school as a secondary school teacher, my experience as which informs and grounds my research interests. As an MA student at Columbia, I am researching parent experiences in New York City public schools, asking how parents, schools, and students interact in diverse settings and how diversity, real and perceived, impacts relationships, school choice, and student outcomes. I am also interested in the role of marketing and branding in urban school systems and how schools intentionally and unintentionally market themselves to the community.


  • BA in Sociology (Princeton University, '13)
  • ┬áMA in Teaching (Relay Graduate School of Education, '15)