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Bruce Kogut joins scientific advisory board of Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Professor Bruce Kogut has been invited to join the international scientific advisory board of the newly created Institut Polytechnique de Paris, an agglomeration of many of the top engineering schools in France.

Saskia Sassen interviewed for BBC News segment on Sidewalk Labs collaboration with Toronto

Professor Saskia Sassen was quoted in a piece for BBC News on the controversy surrounding Google sister company Sidewalk Labs, and its plans to partner with the city of Toronto to improve disused land. Professor Sassen discussed the sensitivities of private corporations engaging in urban improvement efforts.

Columbia Sociology Welcomes New Professors

The Department of Sociology is delighted to welcome new faculty members in 2022, whose expertise in Urban Poverty, Racial and Socioeconomic Inequality, and Race, Ethnicity and Politics (REP) will introduce new courses and workshops to the curriculum. Mario L. Small is the newly appointed Quetelet Professor of Social Science as of January 2022. Marissa Thompson and David Knight will join the faculty as Assistant Professors in July 2022.

This cluster of scholars’ research focuses on race and ethnicity, with strong connections to existing subfields within the department in the areas of social networks, organizations, and stratification. “From a sociological perspective, race actively constructs social difference, imposes hierarchies of superiority and inferiority, creates distinctive forms of resistance and protest, and has profoundly shaped the American story,” said Bruce Western, Chair of the Sociology Department.  “At a time when American society is mobilized by racial injustice, the discipline of sociology can and should be a critical venue for greater understanding through research, and greater engagement through teaching and public outreach.”

Meet the newest professors:

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