Bonnie Siegler

Bonnie Siegler

Research Interest


Bonnie Siegler is a third year Ph.D. student interested in studying social inequality, focusing on education, race, and criminal justice. Her research has primarily centered on school choice, with projects examining parent school choice narratives, the role of race in parent school preferences, and variation in the missions of charter schools. She is also interested in racial construction, discourse about race, and the relationship these processes have to inequality in institutional settings. In the 2020-21 school year, Bonnie is working as a research assistant at the Columbia Justice Lab, supporting their projects on Probation & Parole and Emerging Adult Justice. She works with both qualitative and quantitative data.




B.A. in Sociology Princeton University 2013; M.A. in Education Relay Graduate School of Education 2015; M.A. in Sociology Columbia University 2018