Kathleen Ann Griesbach

Kathleen Ann Griesbach


Off the Clock: Uncertain Schedules and Contingent Worker Experiences in Urban and Rural Contexts.

Dissertation Review Committee

Research Interests


Kathleen investigates experiences of work in light of both ongoing global economic transformations and enduring inequality in the labor process. Central to her theoretical agenda is a focus on how time (schedules, or lack thereof) and space (the geographical and social landscapes of life and work) matter for day-to-day life, future plans, and how people make sense of these things (the stories they tell). Her dissertation uses qualitative data from 120 semi-structured, in-depth interviews with four groups of contingent workers -  oilfield and agricultural workers in Texas and adjuncts and on-demand delivery workers in New York City - to explore how they navigate unstable work schedules and unsettled work geographies, highlighting how these temporal and geographical contexts intersect with other factors to impact workers’ experiences and responses to instability. She makes original contributions to research on contingent work, the labor process, and inequality across rural and urban spaces.


  • MA, MPhil, Columbia University (Sociology)
  • MA, UC San Diego (Latin American Studies)
  • BA, New York University (Latin American Studies and English)


Griesbach, Kathleen, Adam Reich, Luke Elliott-Negri and Ruth Milkman.  "Algorithmic Control in Platform Food Delivery Work." Socius 5:1-15. 

Griesbach, Kathleen. 2018. “Dioquis: Being without doing in the migrant agricultural labor process” (Article). Ethnography. Forthcoming in print.

Griesbach, Kathleen.  “Local-Federal Immigration Enforcement in North Carolina: Mapping the Criminal-Immigration Overlap” (Article). 2011. Norteamérica: Revista Académica del CISAN-UNAM 6.



  • Work, Life, Time and Space: From the Factory to the Gig Economy. 2019 Fall.
  • Social Theory (Undergraduate). 2018 Summer.
  • The Social World (Undergraduate). 2017 Summer.

Teaching Assistant

  • Sociology of Work and Gender (Undergraduate). 2018 Spring. Professor Teresa Sharpe.
  • Designs of Social Research (PhD). 2017 Fall. Professor Joshua Whitford.