Tey Meadow

Tey Meadow

Research Interests


Tey Meadow is an Associate Professor of Sociology and sits on the executive committee of the Institute for the Study of Sexuality and Gender.

Meadow’s published work focuses on a broad range of issues, including the emergence of the transgender child as a social category, the international politics of family diversity, the creation and maintenance of legal gender classifications, and newer work on the ways social categories structure erotic life. She is the author of Trans Kids: Being Gendered in the Twenty-First Century (University of California Press, 2018), which won the American Sociological Association’s Distinguished Scholarly Book Award. She is also the co-editor of the volume, Other Please Specify: Queer Methods in Sociology (University of California Press, 2018). She has published in Gender & Society, Politics & Society, Sexualities, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Ethnic & Racial Studies, Sociological Forum, Socius, Transgender Studies Quarterly and multiple edited volumes. 

Meadow received her B.A. from Barnard College, a J.D From Fordham University School of Law and a Ph.D. from New York University.  Prior to joining Columbia, she was the Fund for Reunion-Cotsen Fellow in the Princeton Society of Fellows and an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Harvard University.


Selected Publications

Other, Please Specify: Queer Methods in Sociology

Other, Please Specify: Queer Methods in Sociology.

Tey Meadow
D'Lane R. Compton
Kristen Schilt
Ethnic and Racial Studies

“Whose Chosenness Counts? The Always-Already Racialized Discourse of Trans*”

Tey Meadow