Todd Gitlin, 1943-2022

Todd Gitlin, 1943-2022

Todd Gitlin passed away, after a recurrence of cancer and related illness this winter. Although based in Graduate School of Journalism, Todd was affiliated with Sociology, close to some in the department, and well-known to many. He was a distinguished and revered member of our community.

Todd had a great influence on sociology through his writing on the New Left, and his work on media and politics. His writing, I think, was an entry point for many into sociology, combining as it did, sociological analysis and a focus on movements and media reporting on progressive politics and conservative reaction. His writing about the politics of the sixties and its passing still has enormous relevance today.

The Times published an obituary here and Steve Coll at the School of Journalism remembers Todd here

He was a powerful voice for a morally urgent vision of sociology. It is a loss to our discipline.


Bruce Western

Chair and Bryce Professor of Sociology and Social Justice