Winston Gordon III

Winston Gordon III


Winston works diligently at Columbia University as an Administrative Coordinator for the Sociology department in Academic Affairs and Finance. He is an extremely driven, optimistic and ambitious spirit. His talents and passions conveniently align to achieving success in both of his goals; learning to build wealth while teaching wealth building strategies.

However, there’s more to be divulged, Winston makes a conscious effort to stay active in organizations that help uplift the community. He’s focused on building a positive & flourishing community. He implements many of these strategies in everyday operational activities in his work at the University and in his own consulting company.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting '18

Winston currently holds a certificate from an Executive Education Program at Columbia University. He is currently pursuing his MPA in policy with a specialization in Operations and Management. Once settled he can then hopefully obtain his doctorates degree. All while hoping to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a legendary individual.