Adrianna Bagnall Munson

Adrianna Bagnall Munson


Managing Adulthood: Care and Autonomy for People with Developmental Disabilities

Dissertation Review Committee


My research draws on the areas of legal sociology and knowledge making to explore the our cultural understanding of adulthood. I explore this through ethnographic and historical research on intellectual and developmental disability. My dissertation focuses in on one independent living program for young adults with disabilities to illuminate the ways in which staff and adults navigate the tension between care and autonomy. Along with an ethnographic focus on the practices of care, I also investigate the effect of the welfare state on the opportunities adults with disabilities have for autonomy and the types of support available to them. My research is funded by the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement grant and research grants from Policy Research Associates. For more information on my research and publications see:


  • B.A. Seattle Pacific University
  • M.A. Columbia University


  • TA, MA Thesis
  • TA, Social Theory
  • TA, Economy and Society Summer Instructor, The Social World