Sandra Veronica Portocarrero

Sandra Veronica Portocarrero

Dissertation Review Committee


I am a third-year doctoral student in sociology who investigates topics related to diversity and inclusion through the lenses of organizational sociology, cultural sociology, and the sociology of expertise. I have two main research projects in my agenda as a graduate student. In my first project, I ask: who are the experts on diversity, and how do they define this construct in different realms and at different levels? To answer these questions, I am analyzing the historical roots of diversity management in the U.S., connecting them to the rise of diversity research in the fields of social psychology, management, and sociology, and to the rise of the industry of diversity and inclusion. Diversity, I argue in this paper, is a form of expertise. My second project is a historically informed ethnography in which I analyze different dimensions of diversity management in an elite university in Lima, Peru. For a list of my scholastic activities, please refer to my CV.


  • M.A. in Sociology. Columbia University
  • B.A. in Sociology (High Honors). Distinction. University of California, Berkeley


  • 2017 with Lara-García, F. "US Universities: A New Site for Immigrant Struggles?" Global Dialogue, 7 (2) : 35
  • 2014 “Copper, Water, and Land: Mining in Piedra Alta, Peru.” Global Dialogue, 3(4): 35-36
  • 2012 “A Case Study of the Effects of Participation in an Organization in the Lives of Women: Post-Conflict Ayacucho, Peru.” Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, 25(2): 96-121