Sociology Faculty and Graduate Students Receive Prestigious Awards and Honors

Several Columbia Sociology professors and graduate students have recently received prestigious awards and honors for their influential research and groundbreaking contributions to the field. See below for a full list of awardees.


  • Maria Abascal won the Louis Wirth Best Article Award from International Migration Section for “Tu Casa, Mi Casa: Naturalization and Belonging Among Latino Immigrants,” International Migration Review 51 (2):291-322. 2017.
  •  Andreas Wimmer will be honored with the Distinguished Career Award from International Migration Section
  • A group of Columbia sociologists won the Distinguished Article Award from the American Sociological Association's Religion Section for, Hoffman, Mark Anthony, Jean-Phillipe Cointet, Philipp Brandt, Newton Key, and Peter Bearman. "The (Protestant) Bible, the (printed) sermon, and the word (s): The semantic structure of the Conformist and Dissenting Bible, 1660–1780." Poetics (2017).
  • Mignon Moore & Shamus Khan were elected to the Sociological Research Association
  • Mignon Moore was elected to the ASA Committee on Committees
  • Tey Meadow was elected chair of the ASA sexualities section
  • Yao Lu received the best article award from the section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements for, Lu, Yao, and Ran Tao. "Organizational Structure and Collective Action: Lineage Networks, Semiautonomous Civic Associations, and Collective Resistance in Rural China." American Journal of Sociology 122.6 (2017): 1726-1774.
  • Shamus Khan won the Hans L. Zetterberg Prize
  • Jennifer Lee’s book, The Asian American Achievement Paradox has been chosen as this year’s honorable mention recipient for the Outstanding Book Award by the Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility Section
  • Anthony Urena was awarded an Honorable Mention for the Martin P. Levine Memorial Dissertation Award from the Sexualities section for his dissertation research: “From Risk to Reality: Race, Class, and HIV in an Age of Uncertainty.” 
June 25, 2018